The Secret To Door Panels And Door Speakers

by Matt Parks March 8, 2017

The process of changing out speakers is considered to be scary for some people, since you have to remove the door panels in order to access the speakers tucked away within its walls. They are not as tricky as they seem to be in a case you know all the right techniques.

The first thing which is required to do is location of any screws holding the panel in place. Usually they are found under the armrest piece, in the door opener latch or near the bottom of the door panel. Do not hesitate to remove as many as you can find to start.

With removing the screws it is necessary to carefully pry the door panel off the door. It is better to start in the bottom corner nearest the speaker. Then you have to pull the panel gently until it pops loose. Usually there are a couple of clips holding it in place. The next step to do is to work around the bottom of the door panel popping the clips out. You should be careful not to break them, because you will need them to reinstall it. Then be sure to continue around the outside of the panel until you have removed as many of the clips as you can. For those who have power windows, doors, etc, remove the control panel from the door panel.

It is generally clipped in place, and can be carefully pried out. If to look for small notches, that may give away the position of the clips. For those who have mechanical windows, it is necessary to push the door panel into the door at the window crank, and look for the snap ring clip holding it in place.

In a case, this is removed, be sure to have enough clearance to reach the speaker. If not, you have to try to completely remove the door panel by sliding it upwards and out of the window compartment. You may be caught up by the door opener latch. Be ready that some of them will slide in place horizontally, screw in, or pop out.

If you are looking for screws and do not find any, be sure to try sliding it horizontally towards the inside. If that doesn't work, see if it pops straight out.

It will be connected to the bars that pull the door latch, so they will have to be positioned correctly for the door panel to be removed. If there is a triangular piece of trim in the top corner of the door panel, you will need to remove it also. It also clips in place and can be removed as well. So, be sure that it will allow the door panel to slide out, assuming you have disconnected the control panels electrical wires.

It is necessary now to keep an eye on the door speaker. It can be removed with the help of four screws holding it in place. It may happen that the connectors of these speakers won't work for your aftermarket ones, so it is necessary to clip the wires and attach the end connectors provided with your speakers.

There are some advantages as well as disadvantages here, so pay attention to them as well. If there are some doubts of what is what, there are a few ways to check. To indicate all positive and negative sides, it may have "+" and "-"signs. In a case it doesn't show any signs, you can easily log on to and look up the color codes for the speaker, or try the battery test. Be sure to take a good charged battery and place one of the factory speaker wires (attached to the speaker) on the positive, and one on the negative of the battery.

When the speaker pushes out, the polarity is correct as you have it, and be sure to attach the wires accordingly. In a case it pushes in, the polarity is opposite, so it is necessary to reverse the battery and try again. You should wire the speakers following the polarity in a case it pushes out.