Framed Bathroom Mirrors for All Styles of Bathrooms

by Matt Parks February 12, 2017

Surely, anyone would agree that it is practically impossible to imagine a bathroom without at least one mirror of some kind. Mirrors are an essential element of every bathroom, both functional and decorative. It would not be possible to proceed with them with our everyday routine that we have to follow every morning - we come into the bathroom and go on with our preparations for a busy day waiting ahead of us. Of course, for the male share of the populace this process is a bit less complicated than for the softer sex. The stronger sex is normally quite content with teeth brushing, shaving and hair combing. For ladies the process is a bit more complicated since it involves a hefty share of sophisticated make-up. Therefore the essential necessity of mirrors presence in a bathroom is quite easily justified. As far as the number of mirrors, their type and style are concerned - those usually depend on personal likes and dislikes, as well as the size of the bathroom and the style of its decoration. Such things greatly vary from person to person, home to home. For somebody it is a necessity to be able to see oneself from as many angles as possible, and the mirrors surround the bathroom space on all sides in such a case. Others are quite content with one mirror over the sink - it absolutely suffices to prepare this person for what waits ahead during the day.

Bathroom mirrors come in abundance of different forms and styles and shapes. Basically they can be divided into framed mirrors and mirrors without frames. As for the size the large-scale mirrors, whether in a simple classic design or rather elaborately decorated and ornate are rarely found in bathrooms, they are usually used in bedrooms and hallways, since it never hurts to take a last look at oneself before stepping out through the entrance door.

The classic attitude towards the bathroom decoration can be described as a strictly utilitarian one. It provides for a functional space required for taking care of the basic needs, which includes a sink, a toilet, a bath or a shower, lighting and mirror, one or two cabinets, and a towel rack, may be a vanity etc. Such traditional functional bathroom design is simple, clean and uses white walls tiling. As for the mirrors, the overall style of the bathroom design calls for a simple bathroom mirror, usually with a simple thing frame, positioned over the vanity or over the sink. That is what people usually imagine when speaking about "a bathroom".

Over the last decade the approach to bathroom design has seen some revolutionary changes, since the attitude of people towards bathrooms has also changed significantly. The main difference between the classic and modern approaches to bathroom style and design is that bathroom ceased to be viewed solely from a functional angle; though people still appreciate the important part of the bathroom in their daily morning, they begin to realize the importance of it as a personal retreat, a place where a person is able to relax and unwind.

People are eager to invest considerable time and money into designs of their bathrooms, and it concerns all aspects of the bathroom equipment, such as baths, showers, sinks, bathroom furniture, lighting, color shade palettes, the materials and texture of the walls, floor and ceiling etc. It is understandable that a simple plane mirror over the sink has become totally unacceptable. In our days a stylish personalized bathroom needs a designer mirrors or mirrors with artwork frames - such is the current trend.

The changes we have witnesses include introduction of imaginative and interesting finishing for bathroom mirrors as well as much higher quality of glass involved. But the most obvious and radical changes concern such features as shape and framing. This is where the real evolutional changes are to be found.

Depending on the overall theme concept of one's bathroom decoration, nowadays it is not surprising to see a bathroom mirrors with ornate wooden frames designed from various types of wood, mirrors with stylish wrought iron frames, chrome plated frames, lacquered frames etc - you just name it! The choice of framed mirrors you can find through making an online search might be overwhelming, indeed.

People, when choosing a framed mirror to decorate their bathrooms, are demonstrating constantly growing interest toward imaginative artwork, toward various styles of their shapes and frames. For instance, a great popularity has been won by mirrors with frames that remind of traditional Edwardian and Victorian styles - it involves elaborate decorative themes, baroque shapes, silver leafing and floral themes and many other ornate features. Such framed mirrors quite successfully perform their utilitarian functions, while, on the other hand, becoming a central piece of the decorative concept for one's bathroom, bringing together all other bathroom style elements, introducing more light and feeling of additional space. Such stylized frames look great when fastened both against simple walls or decorative wallpaper. You can hang them over stylish designer sinks and vanities too, the effect would be great.

The right choice of a framed mirror will always introduce additional feeling of light, space and luxury to your bathroom design. How to find the right type of mirror then? Nothing is simpler! You just do some thorough internet search - you will end with scores of sights offering all styles of framed bathroom mirrors. Just browse through them and try to visualize how each mirror that catches your eye would look in your bathroom. This is an efficient and proven method to find the ideally suitable framed bathroom mirror for your personalized decorated bathroom!