3 easy ways to recover data from your server


The use of servers is increasing. More and more users are sharing information through servers. As a result, the data stored on servers have become more vulnerable to attacks from malicious users. If your server crashes, then you might lose your valuable data. So, you need to take precautions to protect your data. Taking regular backup of the data on a different storage medium is a good option. But if you lose data due to server crash, you can still recover it. Here are some easy ways to recover data from your server.

1. Check previous versions of the folder. The folder is supposed to be regularly archived in the system, usually once a day at midnight. It is also archived twice within the last couple of hours of checking. Go to the left hand options of the folder, and click on the previous versions of the folder and find the date you are searching for. Then copy or restore the files.

2. If the file or folder was deleted from a workstation, you will need to restore from your backup, if you had any. You can also find out who had created the file originally and ask if he or she has the backup.

3. You can use data recovery tool like Davory on the server. But if you have any file level encryption on that server volume, the recovery process won’t work.

You can also search for undeleted files windows in Google. This will give you a chance to recover your data. There are many companies available who are providing server data recovery services. They have the necessary expertise and tools to recover any kind of server data. If you fail to recover data yourself, then you should seek help from these companies. Many of these companies have very high data recovery success rates. So, there is high chance tha your data will be recovered.

Why server security is crucial for corporations?


As computer network is becoming bigger and bigger, server security has become one of the important factors to consider. Software products are being made to protect servers against foreign attacks. When network security increases, the chance of privacy spoofing, identity theft, etc. decreases. Software, movies, books, games, music, etc. are copied and stolen by breaching security. There are many hacker tools available in the Internet, which makes it easier for malicious users to hack into someone else’s computer. Server security is important to protect servers from the following network security attacks.



This attack gets information like usernames, passwords, credit card details, etc.The entire site is duplicated by hackers to steal important information from users.



Through this method, a malicious user can get important information by listening to network traffic. As most communications are sent unencrypted, traffic can be intercepted easily. Sniffing tools are used to analyze traffic. Encryption algorithms can be used to prevent this kind of attack.

Compromised-Key attack


The malicious user can obtain the private key of a sender and decipher secured network traffic. This kind of attack requires good computing resources and skills.

Man-in-the-Middle attack


In this type of attack, the information between the two transmitting nodes are intercepted and modified. A hacker can redirect traffic to its machine before it is carried out to the destination.

IP address spoofing


In this type of attack, hackers use spoofed IPs to impersonate a legitimate machine. The attacker can then modify packets and the receiving network device won’t be able to tell the difference.

Application-layer attacks

Application-layer attacks

These attacks crack applications that run on servers or workstations. Hackers use viruses, Trojans and worms to infect devices and extract important information.

These threats make server security absolutely necessary to protect valuable business information. You should take every measure to protect your server.