Data loss can greatly affect a business, but most of the time the data is retrievable. We are one of the most successful data recovery companies in the industry. We are able to provide you and your business with the best data recovery services and quality customer service in order to get your business running. Our engineers can deal with both physical and logical data loss. They can recover mail server, accounting or ERP systems, SQL databases, etc. We provide recovery for all kinds of server environments, both real and virtual.

When there is need to recover server data, we first perform comprehensive testing in order to identify the problem. We create sectorwise images of the source drive so that your original data is never affected. Our Class 100 Cleanroom gives a particle-free environment to perform all the complicated small surgeries on server components. Our engineers and developers are well trained and can provide you a custom solution for your data loss problem.

We understand that server data loss can cost your business thousands of dollars. Our server recovery team responds quickly and have your data recovered as fast as possible. Sometimes, data recovery is not enough; you need to repair it. We have skilled developers who can repair corrupted data including Microsoft Exchange servers, SQL database, virtual servers, etc. We can recover all data, such as database files, image, office files, audio and video files, backup and archive files, etc. We provide an online diagnostic report of the recoverable data. This allows you to make an informed decision about data recovery. You can trust us for your server data recovery solutions. Contact us to find out more about how we can recover your server data.

Our expert team will take all the steps necessary to recover your crucial data.

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